Writing in Community

Writing is an integral part of faculty’s scholarly work as well as a key objective in most of the courses we teach at Pratt.  Being true to our values of community-building and in our attempt to support SoTL work on campus, the CTL supports faculty writing through organized informal writing spaces as well as peer-led writing workshops several times a semester. All of these events are open to all Pratt faculty, and graduate students and interested staff are all welcome. Writing in Community (WIC) events provide focused time and space for our community to write together in parallel, with the added benefit of shared accountability. Join us in communal quiet work time, or writing circles and workshops this semester. 

Click the posts below to learn more about our current WIC programs and offerings. 

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Writing the Possible

By Resisting the Probable and Other Immutable Destinies
A workshop series co-sponsored by CTL and WAC
Organized and led by Bethany Ides

How does a text become an instrument for active, generative, open-ended learning? How might we, as teachers, embolden students to support each other in welcoming uncertainty, difficulty, and complexity, rather than only searching for “the right” answer?

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Virtual Research Caves (VIRC)

Virtual Research Caves (VIRC) are focused working sessions, offered through the CTL for Pratt faculty to support research and writing SoTL work within a community. VIRCs are scheduled approximately once per month and are structured to enable focused progress on your work, with an added community accountability for your efforts.

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