Strategies and Practices for Student Success: Starfish and Beyond 

As an instructor, you don’t have to do it all when it comes to student success. There are many offices across campus who are there to support you as you support your students. The easiest way to tap into this network is by using Starfish. In the first, more informational half of this workshop, you will learn about the various campus support offices and how to use Starfish to connect students who may be struggling with the appropriate resources to help them succeed in your course. In the second, more conversational part of this workshop, we will discuss other strategies and practices for student success as we consider some of the following provocations: 

  • How do I talk to a student about a concern? 
  • How should I manage my expectations for student progress? 
  • How can I create a classroom culture of belonging and engagement? 
  • How can I design my course so that I can recognize students who might be struggling earlier in the semester? 
  • How can I maintain high standards for student learning while also allowing for flexibility and being mindful of student well-being?

Ultimately, this workshop seeks to empower and support faculty by connecting them to key campus support offices, clarifying policies and procedures, and providing concrete strategies and practices for holistic student success. After the workshop, attendees will receive additional information and resources.

Eligible part-time faculty who attend will qualify for a $100 stipend.

This workshop is co-hosted with the Student Success Center and Undergraduate Advising.

  • Monday September 25 (2pm–3pm) – RSVP here
  • Wednesday September 27 (12pm–1pm) – RSVP here
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