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What does learning at Pratt look like? u00a0ePortfolios provide Pratt students a multimodal platform through which they can archive, reflect upon, and curate their learning. u00a0Carefully designed ePortfolio assignments guide students to make meaningful connections between their prior learning, current thinking and future creative and professional possibilities. u00a0ePortfolios support a reflective pedagogy practice in the classroom or studio: they can be a powerful tool for identity explorations and an excellent support for diverse students. Building on the work of a pilot project,u00a0 Pratt’s ePortfolio Project guides interested faculty to explore the teaching and learning possibilities of ePortfolios, shareu00a0 their ePortfolio pedagogy, design or improve student reflection assignments and share rubrics. u00a0

Experienced ePortfolio practitioners and total newbies are welcome to join the conversation at the upcoming Pratt Faculty ePortfolio Ambassadors Showcase, which will take place on October 1st at noon.

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Articles and Resources

What difference can ePortfolio Make

A field report from the Connect to Learning project that linked 24 ePortfolio teams to explore and document strategies and best practices.

Defining Reflection

Another look at John Dewey's reflective thinking by Carol Rodgers. Thinking, particularly reflective inquiry is essential to both teachers' and students' learning.

Reflection and Electronic Portfolios

Through reflection, students make knowledge by articulating connections. They practice self-assessment as a life-long learning skill.

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